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Checkmate, Said the Phoenix
A thick, warm streak of wax drooled down the side of the candle as if it was sweating. Above it, a flame of glowing blue wicked and crisped on the candle’s end, slurring the wax-stick as it danced. Suddenly, it grew and rose- from little whick to great flame- then flapped, and jumped, and...Flew away with a mighty call.
   It was a hathsome night that dusk; a speckled sky of shining polka-dots, with softer shades upon the glades, and moonlight spotlighting the grenvy forest floor. But through the moonlit swaying trees, a young one laid across the grass, and wished to see another land. The young one’s heart was set upon wonders that could only bay and stay in the chamber of one’s imagination- far away from the grasp of feel; but the young one was determined. For from lenly-past, the young one remembered the tales of an ancient king who grasped the feathers of an ancient spirit. And with its help he began to shape and create a new land of unknown powers yet to
:iconprophecyvii:ProphecyVII 2 2
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These are some of my latest dohickeys!


The comback! #final :icontheloudmouthscout:TheLoudMouthScout 7 6 Pvz Hypno-shroom :iconngtth:NgTTh 32 6 PVZ Garden Warfare 2 OC: Spider Sunflower :iconnotqueenbutking:NotQueenButKing 44 32 DA HIGH PICKLE :icon61emb16:61EMB16 29 31 Umm... Guys? I'm a Pickle. :iconnyanbonecrush:Nyanbonecrush 24 33 Page 0-1 :iconelementz124:ElementZ124 23 22 Water servants :iconeagleandfluffy:Eagleandfluffy 21 31 PeaTickles :iconcall-me-fantasy:Call-Me-Fantasy 59 14 Box Man :iconnyanbonecrush:Nyanbonecrush 11 12 All hail the Prophecy! :iconnyanbonecrush:Nyanbonecrush 14 9 Alien flower! :iconcollienaid:ColliEnaid 22 6 PVZ Heroes animated: Graves :icondevianjp824:DevianJp824 58 40 PVZHeroes - Nightcap :icondevianjp824:DevianJp824 63 123 March of the Gargs :iconnyanbonecrush:Nyanbonecrush 15 10 Late New Year 2017 :iconspecialpensel:Specialpensel 8 10 PvZ Cartoon 2 Ultimate Quartet :iconleok64:leok64 11 2



ProphecyVII has started a donation pool!
100 / 200
* Just out of love if you have any spare points. I don't have enough money to pay for anything, and seeing people being as so kind as to spare a coin or so would be very heartwarming for me. :)
* I don't draw well enough to take commissions, and I'm nothing but self-taught with no earlier experience. But knowing that people would take the time to donate something... Just may help make me feel like what I'm doing here is worth while.
* Each one of my drawings is made with bunches of love and care from the bottom of my heart... Individually taking days of planning just in my mind, and lots of slowly and carefully drawn details I take time to pay extra care to. I try my hardest to put all I can into what I draw, and each picture takes me at least 6 hours to make... And it's all worth it to see the happy smiles I put on people's faces when they see what I've drawn.
* ~~~~~Thank you so much. I love you guys! <3~~~~~ *

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    Donated Jan 19, 2017, 10:05:56 PM
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Y'know, my pocket watch has been acting a little wound up these past few days...
Someone save me

I made a comic and I have no clue on what the first two PAnnElS sHoUlD bE
A thick, warm streak of wax drooled down the side of the candle as if it was sweating. Above it, a flame of glowing blue wicked and crisped on the candle’s end, slurring the wax-stick as it danced. Suddenly, it grew and rose- from little whick to great flame- then flapped, and jumped, and...Flew away with a mighty call.
   It was a hathsome night that dusk; a speckled sky of shining polka-dots, with softer shades upon the glades, and moonlight spotlighting the grenvy forest floor. But through the moonlit swaying trees, a young one laid across the grass, and wished to see another land. The young one’s heart was set upon wonders that could only bay and stay in the chamber of one’s imagination- far away from the grasp of feel; but the young one was determined. For from lenly-past, the young one remembered the tales of an ancient king who grasped the feathers of an ancient spirit. And with its help he began to shape and create a new land of unknown powers yet to grow- All hidden inside a mirror’s roam. A place of enchantment, muse, and magic, with witholing ways that could only be found through a mindful daze. A place where stars could march the sky, a place where butter could really fly, with gold and jewels to line the land- as long as the king made it his will.
The young one drifted into thought until suddenly, the young one’s wondering eye was caught. Never had the young one seen such a brilliant star in the sky, like a fire among floating flames, dancing in the moonless night. Though unlike other stars sky bound, of slithing and shimmering bright night lights, this one seemed to grow forward the more the young one watched its flight. It carried out its willowed way until its figure took its shape over its horizoned soar, while to the young one it flew toward. Young one’s eyes open ‘gape as it watched the light’s descent like the sun steeping down the beflamed sky, dragging behind waves of a cool dusk.
Oh, what a sight it must have been to see a wonder so brilliant and rare- A Phoenix, upon the midst of a child who was barely still six in the middle of a grass field fair. Its silk like feathers cut through the wind as glowing ribbons of magic swirled by each time its talons touched to the sod, leaving a whichering path as it walked toward. All the while, the young one trembled to the ground, with knees too weak to carry a feather- and dared not utter the quimsest sound. Wrapped in brillious, luminate light, the spirit’s feathers glew bright- so bright, in fact- the young one could still see the illumination through eyes that glued shut from fear. Then to the surprise of the quivering child, the young one felt a beak press gently against their forehead- which broke the tension completely in half. It soothed the fear much to the fact that the young one dared eyes open which met to a gentle pair that stared right back. Between a few blinks the young one shared the phoenix’s gaze; with glowing orbs that met their own, like facing a mirror- but reflecting a splendorous legend with plumes of feathers that lit with glow.
“Could it be true,” the young one thought, with eyes still clouded from lingering fraught, “That it is here; A phoenix sits in front of me? But of what zest? For what request? Such a bearer of magic, how could it necessitate to a weak young thing who is not even eight?”
With better look, yet wordless sound, the young one began to notice the full stature of this spirit wonder. It was wrapped in brillious, illuminate light like a diamonds inner glow- but somethings that were missing from this phoenix began to show. It had tail feathers as long as a tailcoat, yet some were plucked right off. Its wings had scoffs, feathers worn and other ones were roughly clipped- And for the moment, the young one supposed that through its flight it must have slipped. The young one was still quite very sure phoenixes had a great plumage of feathers on their heads, yet not a single one peeked across this one’s brims; as if every one had wilted off dead.
Then the young one’s attention rested back to the phoenix’s face as it slightly raised its head, and with open beak, began to speak in a tone as soft as its gliding walk.
“Dear one, I come to you, for as of now I need your aid.”
“But how am I, of power nigh, to be a use to you?”
“Patience dear, but lend an ear,” The phoenix replied spreading radiant wings wide, “There is a place that needs our grace, and you are the chosen one. Follow me, the time is right; heed my voice and trail my flight-for I shall take you to a second land.”
And with these words the phoenix gleamed and took to the air with a great wingbeat. The phoenix rose into the ink-black night highlighted by the radiation of the whickering stars. Its wings stretched out to touch the stars as if to catch a comet that thrusted by. Then with one more flap and another dash, dove into the crowded wood in a quick flash. Though to the young one’s great surprise and awe and wonder, it did not hit a single tree where its wings should have caused its blunder. Instead the phoenix slipped inside with impossible precision unseen; leaving behind it a radiant trail of stardust which shimmered like a tambourine. The young one took not a moment of delay on that moonless night; the plumes of grass and earth itself could not describe to another this bewildering sight. The trees of high branches peeked from their looms as the child followed through the forest, guided by the afterglow which seemed like warmth throughout the snow like cold. And true it was, a path of safe which zigzagged through the darkened wood- across small streams and over roots of trees under the dark and jeweled sky. All the while the branches sang their windy lullaby. The more cross this path the young one journeyed, the farther away seemed the knowledge home- it was not quite long until the young one was traveling through a place in the wood which was quite unknown. Though peculiar as it was, the young one did not feel alone; for the phoenix explained through the way to where they would go:
“It is a place shaped to create, a land of ways that could only be found through a mindful daze. A land where stars could march the sky,  a place where butter could really fly, a place for enchantment, muse, and magic…”
But this was all to familiar to the young one’s ears.
“Are you to say,” The young one began, eyes open wide in thrilled excitement,”We are truly to the great king’s land? From fairytale and stories great?”
“The land I was forced to create.”
This short reply hit the young one as a sword hits a monstrous beast, when suddenly, the young one reached a clearing where the glowing had slowly faded and then ceased. Though in the clearing, which was deeply forest nested, the young one saw the phoenix nested upon an object reflecting the spirit’s light, of which its glint gleamed through the ivy and through the object’s spots of blight.
“What did you mean when you said you were forced to create? By who? The king? And by what fate? Was it not that he was your friend? Was it not that you granted him that land?”
“Dear young one, that is not the truth, but quite the opposite I’m afraid. It was not of favor he was granted that land… The king’s a very wicked man! He hunted me down and had me trapped and tortured me; my freedom at his ridding. All of this and my life at stake unless I agreed to do his bidding. It was easy to see by his heart of stone and his greedy, selfish eyes alone that the king was a man of his word, and I had no choice but to slave to what he preferred. He commanded for a land that conceded all power, where his mind could control- so his abilities could flower. And so it was made, a blank-slate dimension- like an unpainted canvas that would by his intention. The gateway to the land (which would be separate from our own) was placed for his access to his royal mirror’s roam. But his use for this land was far from expected; it was not to gain wealth, but instead a place where war could be tested: to simulate a war to practice strategy of battle- though I say to you this is not any prattle. When he dragged me into the land-chained and concealed in a cage, which some patience, I got an eyeful of his gigantic battle stage. This war zone was combined with a favorite game of his; which he excused with saying that it was to enhance the necessity of cunningness. The war zone was built like a giant game of chess- bishops, knights, pawns were the armadas the king and his created war opponent possessed. But all the king created were all life-sized, sentient, and willed to life; forced to suffer eternal pain on an everlasting checkered-battlefield for nothing more than the king’s gain. Though one day, by the pawn of the opponent king who was serving as a spy, I was found and freed and quickly took back into the sky. And in gratitude, I promised to them that one day (But the day unknown), that the evil and cruel corrupted king would be overthrown; his magic powers of creation would meet their match on day- to end their eternal war called The Great Chess Game’.”
The phoenix brushed the glossy surface of the mirror that it rested upon, scraping off the blibering mildew, while the young one one thought in great self contempt that a phoenix needed their help for an eternal war’s prevent.
“Though you maybe young, dear child, there is a reason for that so. I have chosen you for reasons that you may never know. But the imagination you possess is what cannot be matched by an old king such as he. Your creative mind and sympathy can overtake his strategy. So follow now, your adventure starts, and I will show you the way. Follow through this mirror and save the land, for you, young one… Shall become their queen."
Though, it was not an easy task for the young one to do, the young one learned to change the land by mind- with the given powers like the king’s. And with the help of the phoenix, the young one was able to overthrow the evil ruler. He was banished and sealed away by a forcefield in the last few days of The Great Chess Game, and “Checkmate,” Said the phoenix.
Then the checkerboard melted to grass by the new ruler’s will, and all the pawns and pieces against the king were remixed; they were changed and rearranged into new amazing creatures of different fleets. Soon the land began to reshape, but through vivid imagination, and not by uncaring way as the chess king did lean…

But of course, I would know; for I am the Queen.
I mean jeepers, guys-
Why is everybody in a mid-life crisis right now?? 
Do you guys need some spaghetti????
I was gone for only two weeks, and I come back to C H A O S
70 comments to reply to?....

... I think my get up and go just got up and went... Apollo Justice nervious - emoticon 
Hi there!!
This is my contest entry for the game "Bendy and the Ink Machine"!!
I'm so exited to see the next chapter of the game, and I'm already such a huge fan of it!!! LOL 
    To the game makers, if you're reading this, I just wanted to say I'm a full on supporter of the game, and I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that it is going to turn out amazing. I really think you guys deserve more credit and love for all the things you've been doing!Heart 
     I actually didn't know about the contest until yesterday, and was planning on making fanart until I saw the post about the contest and decided to join. 
      So, this picture was drawn and inked completely by hand because I felt it to be the only proper way to show this game the respect it deserves. Every smudged line and dot was purposeful; to give it the effect of a vintage cartoon poster like the ones they had for theaters in the 1920s. It took me about two days in total to make it; starting with a pencil sketch, translate it onto another piece of paper and ink it. 
     [I did NOT use any bases to make this drawing; just my eyeballs and some hand-eye coordination.
This is also NOT done professionally- I'm way too young to be considered a professional artist, and I've only been self-taught at drawing. (I would say my age, but I would never reveal it online.Thanks for everything! )]
     Anyway, speaking of the design, I made the picture in the likeness of a movie poster because if somehow I won the contest, I thought it would be more convenient to the makers if the picture blended into the environment of the game!=D (Big Grin) 
   But anyways, I just wanted to say to the makers:
Thank you.
I LOVE black and white cartoons and actually have made one character myself, so, seeing this game is a total dream come true to me. No matter what happens, you guys have my full support, and I'll be cheering you on weather I win this contest or not. Thank you guys for making such a cool, imaginative, and scary game for us to enjoy. I think I speak for thousands of people when I say that you guys are awesome!Glomp! 
(The character in this drawing is called "Bendy". He does NOT belong to me, nor do I claim him to be my own design. He is owned by the makers of "Bendy and the Ink Machine".)
This picture had to be reduced from scale since there is a limit to file size. The picture in full resolution is 108.9 MB when it was scanned-the current resolution of this picture is 78.5 MB.
This will be posted to several of my social media accounts since I'm scared that the ones holding this art contest may not see my entry in time of the due date, so I'm sorry if you see this post more than once; I just wanna make sure!! Poke!! 
With love, 
           Me Heart 


ProphecyVII's Profile Picture
Ella Willowtune
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I'm just a small-town artist who LOVES Plants vs Zombies. So, I decided to make a deviantart page based off of it. I really like the Scientist, and that's pretty much the reason why I made a Scientist as one of my main characters. Right now I'm stuck between a few decisions; if I should post Fanfics, comics, or pictures... Oh well. I hope that my popularity will grow and someday even be noticed by PopCap! Yeah, I know my dreams will always be too far for me to achieve, but it will never stop me from trying!
You can call me by many names, I'm not that picky. Some nicknames people have given me have been...
Prophecy ('Cuz username)
Pika (I love pokemon)
Ella (This isn't my name, it's the name of my oc gardener)
Atom (I'd be really surprised if people actually called me by this, though, since this is another one of my ocs)
BUT... If you ask me a question while referring to me as one of my characters, I'll respond as them. It's always fun to do that. :D
There are a LOT of things I like. One of them obviously being Pvz. Except Pvz Allstars. (Not the character, the character is awesome! I'm talking about the game.) Too many plants, and they all seemed more like pokemon evolutions then actual plants. I love Gravity Falls, I'm a Pokemon breeder, Spongebob Squarepants, 1920s toons/cartoons, and I'm not in a hurry to grow up, like, at all. I'm a licensed Goofy Goober and unexpectedly, I'm a poet as well. I love making pvz theories, and explaining my idea of how everything functions.
More about me.... Uh... I usually write stories raw, and I don't edit a lot. I am very straight forward, and I pun EVERYTHING. I'm pretty friendly, and I love making friends. Everyone here is so nice, and I'm so happy people love what I do! I look up to a lot of people, and frankly, I'm lucky that I've talked to quite a few of them. I love helping people emotionally, and I'm pretty empathetic when it comes to things I've gone through. I have been given the world as my playground, and I love to share all my blessings and happiness with everyone who takes the time to be my friend. I'm also very random, and I'm pretty passionate for the things I love. Oh, and one more thing:

When I get followed, my heart flies. I appreciate everybody who takes the time to give me a chance, and all my followers are immediately part of my family. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I love you. :D
My saying:
Stay determined! Everyone can become good! Do what I'd do, believe in you! You are forgiven, and you are remembered!

If you have any more questions or require further info, please refer to this post:
embedded_item1487034644764 by ProphecyVII


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